Alice Costner, 98

Swing Move – Be Well by Russell Cleveland was given to me by my caring daughter.

I love using my spongy hand squeezers while doing my exercises. They seem to strengthen my back muscles which have become so weak.

I have to sit down while I shake to limber up to do my routine, as I can’t stand without my walker.

I love to march in place. It gives me a feeling of power, which I love.

Can’t wait to wake up my body in the morning by doing my Swing Move Exercises (sitting down). It is wonderful to feel my body responding to these exercises. Thanks, Russell Cleveland.

Lisa Clemens, 43

I was introduced to SwingMove by a friend who told me it would help me “get moving” again; which is what I needed to do.

After bariactric surgery my weight loss platued and I stopped seeing the gains.  Of course my activity was low, as was my energy.  After I started using SwingMove my energy started coming back and I had this sense of accomplishment.  The moves were simple but effective… I really do feel good!

SwingMove really can be done by anyone and I’ve shared this movement program with a few friends who have also had bariatric surgery.

So happy I found this “not exercise!”