SwingMove for Your Wellness Program

Healthy People, Productive Workplaces and A Profitable Bottom Line

A properly run worksite wellness program can bring many benefits to an organization including:

Reduce Absenteeism Recruitment/Retention Tool
Reduce Presenteeirm Increase Productivity
Increase Morale Health Care Cost Containment

Wellness done right supports a culture and environment that your employees can’t wait to be a part of and that enriches their lives and those of their families. Your dedicated Wellness Coordination Team handles every aspect to ensure your team is happy and healthy and they have you to thank!

SwingMove Adds The Following To Your Wellness Program:

  • Real-time reports with zero wait time through the administrator dashboard
  • Send targeted, de-identified messages to specific segments of your population
  • Health coaching platform includes scheduling, live chat, messaging and reporting
  • Health Risk Assessment included (HIPAA & GINA compliant)
  • HRA certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
  • Fitness tracker integration of 100+ devices including FitBit, Jawbone & Apple Health
  • Can be deployed in less than two days

SwingMove Enhances Your Wellness Program And Increases Your Employee's Productivity


300,000 People die annually due to innactivity.

20% of deaths of people over 35 years old are attributed to lack of physical activity.

$24 billion a year is spent annually in direct medical spending.

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