Embrace “Social Distancing” with SwingMove Tiger Wave


Be Well with a Safe, Playful and Touchless Greeting to Replace Handshakes and Fist Bumps

for People Fearful of COVID-19


DALLAS — March 17, 2020 The coronavirus has people running scared, and Russell Cleveland, the founder and CEO of SwingMove – Be Well®, has a solution to help avoid spreading COVID-19 and other contagious viruses – The SwingMove™ Tiger Wave. A playful, friendly greeting invented by the SwingMove team, the Tiger Wave is a touchless and fun way to say hello and create safe social distancing, while avoiding the physical contact and the exposure of handshakes, hugs and other welcoming gestures.


Created as a complement to the company’s popular whole-body exercise movement, the SwingMove Tiger Walk, Cleveland and his team have been Tiger Waving for months. While preparing to launch SwingMove, a revolutionary new effortless exercise program based on gentle movements and stretches for people of all ages and fitness levels, the Tiger Wave evolved as a light-hearted greeting among co-workers.


“It started out in fun during our Tiger Walk routine,” said Cleveland. “Team members started waving at each other mimicking — even exaggerating — the Tiger Walk exercise movements. The wave made everyone smile and laugh, so we started using it as our company’s secret SwingMove greeting. We believe the SwingMove Tiger Wave is a much friendlier way of saying hello and creating a more positive social distance than fist bumping, elbow jabbing, and feet kicking that have replaced handshakes and other forms of acknowledgement during this health crisis.”


A short video demonstrating the Tiger Wave is available on the SwingMove Tiger Wave landing page and the SwingMove Facebook page. To learn more about the SwingMove Tiger Wave or SwingMove’s easy movement-based exercise programs, call 214-891-8294 or visit www.SwingMove.com.


About SwingMove:

Based in Dallas, Texas, SwingMove is a revolutionary exercise program combining movements from calisthenics, yoga, tai chi, qigong, Pilates and other sports and fitness disciplines. Using kinetic anchors, such as handheld Squeezers, enhances the movements giving an isometric effect while SwingMove’s gentle flowing movements improve muscle tone, increasing overall energy and vitality. Taking just minutes each day, SwingMove can be done anytime, anywhere in a small space, and requires no special clothing or equipment. Ideal for a small space, home or office, SwingMove can help halt the effects of the sitting disease and promote a healthier lifestyle. For more information, go to www.SwingMove.com.



Virginia Stuart