Why SwingMove® – Twelve Reasons


  1. Fun, Fast, Easy – a new innovative exercise movement program. “It just feels good.”
  2. Based on Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and western exercises. “A body in motion stays in motion.”
  3. Can be done anywhere, anytime, no special equipment needed.
  4. Can be done by anyone, any age.
  5. Effective standing, sitting or even lying down.
  6. Combats the “sitting disease,” which medical research says is worse than smoking.
  7. Our bodies are meant to move and SwingMove works every muscle in the body.
  8. Squeezers (Kinetic Anchors) or light weights, greatly enhance movements.
  9. “SwingMove Tiger Walk – America’s New Favorite Walk” can be done a number of ways including to music and is ideal for mini breaks. Really fun!
  10. Helps with balance and relieving stress.
  11. “Power words” and a count keep you mindful in your movements.
  12. Like brushing your teeth, SwingMove becomes a habit. There’s a choice in life to be stiff, hard, and stuck or fluid, flexible and flowing; let’s flow!