A Movement Program for Joy and Well-being

More Energy   •   Feel Happy   •   Anyone Can Do It

How are you feeling these days?

  •  Are you constantly feeling sluggish?
  •  Do you find your days lacking true joy?
  •  Is it hard to tell if your regular workouts are really working?
  •  Do you struggle to find a fitness routine?
  •  Is it hard to remember to work out?
  •  Are you looking for a way to fight heart disease?

How It Works


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Overcome the “Sitting Disease”

Medical research says moving is necessary for physical and mental health. People doing SwingMove say it also just feels good and is a lot of fun.

SwingMove was created for people of all ability levels to get moving. Just by practicing SwingMove a couple of times throughout the day, you’re able to combat the “sitting disease.”

Sitting in the workplace is all too common.


of U.S. workers sit for the entire workday.

Employers offering wellness programs is on the rise!


of employers with more than 1,000 workers now offer a wellness program.

Women who spent 6+ hours per day sitting were


more likely to die during a study than active women who sat for only 3 hours per day.

12 Reasons to SwingMove

Fun, fast, easy

A new innovative exercise movement program. “It just feels good.”

Can be done anywhere, anytime

No special equipment needed.


Can be done while standing, sitting or even lying down.

Strengthens your core

No need to go to the gym, just SwingMove a few minutes throughout the day.

All body, low impact

A little is a lot.

SwingMove Tiger Walk

“America’s New Favorite Walk” can be done a number of ways, including to music. It’s also ideal for mini-breaks.

Uses western exercises

Based on Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and western exercises. “A body in motion stays in motion.”

Anyone, any age

Can be done by anyone, at any age.

Combats the sitting disease

which medical research says is worse than smoking. “Moving is medicine.”

Like brushing your teeth

SwingMove should become a habit. You have a choice in life to be stiff, hard and stuck, or fluid, flexible and flowing. Let’s flow!

Balance and Stress

Helps with balance and relieves stress. It’s really fun!

Squeezers (kinetic anchors)

or light weights, greatly enhance movements.


What People Are Saying

“For three years, I have practiced SwingMove, which I have come to know as the magic of movement. In ten minutes, I am refreshed, relaxed, and have clarity in my thinking.”

Ph. D.

“At my desk feeling fatigued and stiff, time to get up and start SwingMoving. Feeling good and refreshed.”

Office Worker

“I find the SwingMove activities to be thrilling statements of my own aliveness and they are so good for the goal of achieving whatever I want in life.”


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At the end of the pilot, we’ll send you updates on when SwingMove will be available publicly.

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